Wire strippers, Channellock or Ideal?

What is the Best Wire strippers, Channellock or Ideal??


Here is the compression list for Wire strippers, Channellock or Ideal?:

Wire strippers, Channellock or Ideal?

– Looking to purchase a set of wire strippers and locally I’ve narrowed it down to these two made in USA options; the Channellock 957 and the Ideal 45-615.

These are most likely made in the same factory in how similar they are, but the one main difference I can tell is the wire size range on them:

[**Channellock 957 -**](

Stranded AWG: 12-20

Solid AWG: 10-18

[**Ideal 45-615 -**](

Stranded AWG: 10-18

Solid AWG: 8-16

**Which would you choose?**

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