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Welp, this is the last Monsterous Monday in April 2013 with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. We gots a quite elegant little horror film based on the popular sixties Gothic TV soap opera, DARK SHADOWS. This time, Barnabas Collins gets injections that make it possible for him to withstand sunlight, whoa!!…… Eegah!! sent over this lil’ soundclip from the costume party where Barnabas gets to meet his relatives for the first time in two centuries, sooooo, you can push the big red ‘GO’ button there next to the magic espresso machine, NOW, Ralphie The Tarantula! Here’s our audio offering for… HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS! While robbing a crypt in New England, poor Willie accidently awakens the 200 year old vampire, Barnabas Collins, and becomes his cursed servant! Suddenly, people are dying under very mysterious circumstances! Then, naturally, nightly vampire biting at the Collin’s mansion begins… The Vampire Patrol is brought in to deal with the problem, and, this unlucky bloodsucker gets a big sharp stake right through her evil little heart! In the meantime, Dr. Julia Hoffman has discovered that Barnabas is a vampire and blackmails him into testing her serum that will make it possible for him to leave his coffin during the day. Break time while Barnabas beats the Holy Hell out of poor Willie! Okay, we’re back, the doctor tells Barnabas that she’s in love with him. He rejects her so she destroys all the remaining serum, which, causes Barnabas to start regressing into a hideous creature besides totally pissing him off!.. Whut I said!.. Barnabas really wants Maggie Evans, she looks exactly like his deceased fiance Josette. To get to her, he deep sixes this stupid sleeping guard! He thinks she’s the reincarnation of Josette and plans to make her his unholy bride for eternity… Boo-wah, Everbloody!!!


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