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NON-NUMBING FORMULA – Our male desensitizing delay spray does not contain Lidocaine that causes numbing. It helps men last longer in bed giving maximized sensation NATURAL INGREDIENTS – LAFIYA male delay desensiitingzing spray’s water-based formula has natural ingredients making it SAFE and KISSABLE. It is free from chemicals, no side effects and no smell. Enhance and extend men’s time to meet their needs Strengthen the relationship between husband and wife. CONVENIENT POCKET SIZE – Our desensitizing delay spray is specially designed for guys to stay in control longer. It is portable and easy to use and is a better alternative to greasy desensitizing lubes, delay creams, and duration pills. PRIVATE PACKAGES – There’s no sensitive information on the bottle, you can carry it everywhere LASTING POWER – Forget about premature ejaculation and any disappointments. Simply apply the climax prolonging spray, wait for 30-40 minutes, and enjoy the ride

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