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Certified Refurbished Amazon eero mesh WiFi system–for whole-home coverage,4-pack(3routers+1Amazon



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A Certified Refurbished Amazon eero mesh WiFi router is refurbished, tested, and certified to look and work like new and comes with the same limited warranty as a new device. Fast standalone router – The eero mesh WiFi router brings up to 1,500 sq. ft. of fast, reliable WiFi to your home. Works with Alexa – With eero and an Alexa device (not included) you can easily manage WiFi access for devices and individuals in the home, taking focus away from screens and back to what’s important. Easily expand your system – With cross-compatible hardware, you can add eero products as your needs change. Works with your internet service provider – Eero connects to your modem to bring your existing internet connection to every corner of your home. Set up in minutes – The eero app walks you through setup in less than 10 minutes and allows you to manage your network from anywhere. Don’t let WiFi slow you down – Get the most from your WiFi by streaming, gaming, and working from anywhere in your home. Gets better over time – Automatic updates keep your network safe and secure. TrueMesh technology – Eero intelligently routes traffic to avoid congestion, buffering, and dropoffs.

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