26 thoughts on “What are the most obvious signs of a life long stoner?”

  1. They can smoke 10 cones a day and still function properly while I giggle at the Pringles can face after just one

  2. I have a friend who’s smoked daily his entire adult life. I asked how much he had to smoke to get high. He said: “I don’t smoke to get high. I smoke to feel *normal*.”

  3. From the outside looking in? Not always obvious.

    I was a big stoner for about 8 years. Many of my cohorts are exactly where I left them, doing exactly what they were doing when I left 15-20 years ago.

    But some are just as career developed and living that family life as I am. So perhaps it comes down to *why* the stoner is a stoner. If they’re using it as an escape, they will probably stay hiding in their hidey hole. But if its a healthy hobby (this has nothing to do with amount of usage, more to do with how/why you use it.)– you may not even know you’re talking to a stoner.

  4. When they know to only smoke until they’re good because you don’t need to smoke more than what you need. Real stoners know how to make shit last.

  5. redhairedrunner

    It’s not always easy to tell the long term stoner . Many of us have respectable careers , stable families, good homes ect… if we are in a professional role we may never ever let anyone know we toke daily. Many of us use it at the end of the day to unwind. I discovered weed at age 15, I am 46 now . I have a bachelors degree, two amazing kids. One in law school the other a freshman in college. I have had the same career for 20 years . I run 100 mile races and have a loving healthy relationship.

  6. My friend is a life long stoner. You wouldn’t know unless she opens her car door. I always tell her, her pine tree air freshener smells a bit off.

  7. Have an extra eye that spots cops, or senses where they may be, especially hidden ones. Comes in handy when speeding too lol

  8. There are none however some people are just sloppy and prone to the way they are regardless of what they do. My husband has been smoking for 35 years. He is a civil engineer technologist, petrographic analyst, and a traffic engineer. Meticulous in everything he does. And he smokes every few hours when hes not working. Got a medical card (canada) so nobody can prevent him from smoking regardless of where he is. Nothing about him screams stoner, he is not an idiot, his memory is astounding, and his problem solving skills have propelled him to the top of every position he has ever held.

    One of his better friends is stoned all the time and owns/works his reno company. He build it from scratch with zero help from anyone. He is just extremely resourceful, hard working, and can do anything because of that.

    If I had to pick the one single obvious sign of a lifelong stoner it would be you cant tell when they’re high most of the time.

  9. My brother has been smoking every day from age 15 to now (42) and he’s just gone. Dull as a bowling ball. All he wants to do is chill and smoke even when its time to not be chill or smoke. No ambition to do anything outgoing whatsoever.

    I’m not anti-weed, I smoked in high school, but for all those people that say it doesn’t have a negative effect long term: that’s not true across the board. Don’t be a dialtone like my brother.

  10. They are jovial, slightly fluffy, prone to losing track of inane conversations, hilarious, and better in bed than alcoholics.

  11. One thing I could possibly contribute prior to us having vape pens would be the lighter they carry around is black and ashy on the bottom of it

  12. I never had a problem achieving professionally as a daily smoker. I smoked 3-5 grams a day for about 8 years. In that time I finished my electrical engineering degree, landed a 6 figure job in the semiconductor industry, paid off 2 cars and a house.

    But socially I didn’t do much except go out with my wife on date days.

    I quit weed and now I’m much more social and have more money.

    It affects people differently.

  13. Honestly, I’ve smoked almost daily for nearly 10 years or so, I don’t smoke before/during the work day or when I’ve important stuff to do, and I’m absolutely fine going away and not being able to smoke etc, but in my downtime I’ll smoke a joint every couple hours (probably go through around 5g a week or so)

    Unless I told you I smoked, it’s probably not something you would ever realise or expect, and there are probably many people out there like myself, you just wouldn’t know it because they don’t tell you, but I think there a big difference between someone who smokes, and a stereotypical “stoner” (someone who makes it their whole personality).

    The latter gives us all a bad name because non smokers then think it’s like that for all of us that smoke, which is clearly not true.

  14. My wife and a few bosses swear they can smell it oozing out of my pores. I’ve been smoking since the age of 14. I’m now 57 this year. I’m in a legal state grow my own medice. I try to smoke between 3 and 7 grams a day. Why because I can.

  15. Im almost 60, i know stoners who have masters and PhD degrees..wh are 10 times smarter than most.

    I also know people who dont smoke at all,who are dumb mf’s

  16. I smoke every day and have since my teens. I’m a recently retired software engineer and have now become a successful derivatives trader. As a software engineer, I worked on many very complex systems with a few little companies you may have heard of like Microsoft, IBM, and NASA, and I have my name on a few patents. I intentionally avoided the management path and remained technical, retiring as a principal software engineer/architect earning over $200K per year.

    Oh, and on top of that I worked a second job for 15 years as a paramedic simply because I loved it. (Should have gone to med school instead.)

    No one ever knew I smoked weed and I always got excellent performance reviews.

    Judging by many other answers here, I’m not unusual, so the answer to your question is “there often aren’t any obvious signs.”

  17. Illustrious_Toe_4755

    I learned years ago, there are more people who smoke and you’d never have a clue. I was stunned to learn a long time employee at a job was a stoner. He had an excellent stash spot.
    Than there was a teetotaler that didn’t do anything, but always got accused, because of the way his face looked.

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