Weekly Calendar – October 16, 2023

What is the Best Weekly Calendar – October 16, 2023?

Review of the Weekly Calendar – October 16, 2023:

Weekly Calendar – October 16, 2023

– Hello readers!

Every Monday, we will post a calendar with the date and topic of that week’s threads and we will update it to include links as those threads go live. All times are Eastern US.

^Monday|^(October 16)||^(What are you Reading?)
^Tuesday|^(October 17)||^(Simple Questions)
^Wednesday|^(October 18)||^(Literature of Cyprus)
^Thursday|^(October 19)||^(Favorite Werewolf Stories)
^Friday|^(October 20)||^(Weekly Recommendation Thread)
^Saturday|^(October 21)||^(Simple Questions)
^Sunday|^(October 22)||^(Weekly FAQ: Why do you/don’t you re-read?)

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