Water or Electricity?

What is the Best Water or Electricity??

Review of the Water or Electricity?:

Water or Electricity?

– i have been writing a book about my character for five years. draft after draft since i hated the storyline and had gotten better at creativity and writing over time. the character has electricity powers, to their will at any limit (to an extent as said in my story). but then i was inspired by something, once again, and my thoughts gravitated towards water abilities.

how much can i do with water abilities as a writer? i’m used to doing electricity abilities and how far it can go, but i’m having a hard time deciding if i want to go with water or just stick with electricity and do a new storyline. once i get the powers decision settled, i’ml start on doing the new storyline. maybe. i don’t know. all i know is that i need to get the powers base down first.

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