Top 10 Best Rechargeable Cr2032 Battery Reviews With Scores

1. LIR2032 Rechargeable Battery Charger with High Capacity 3.7V 70mA 4pcs Button Batteries Can Replace Coin Cell Lithium ML2032

  • Save the charging time! Comes with 4pcs of LIR coin cell batteries 2032H which can be charged at the same time. Type-C USB fast charging! Charge LIR2032H in 2 hours, also can charge our standard LIR2032.
  • Protect the environment! Over 500 times cycle charging means that LIR2032H battery may not last a long working time compare with CR2032. BUT it save your money and Protect the environment!!!
  • Perfect Replacement of ML2032: with High capacity 70mA better than standard rechargeable 2032. Working voltage is up to 3.7V approx. 3 times of the voltage of NI-MH or NI-CD, which reduces the quantity of the battery needed in certain application.
  • Widely Usage: Bluetooth Earphone Light Game Controllers,solar keyboard, key batteries.
  • Storage: Working temperature range is ﹣20℃—60℃.We recommend to charge the Rechargeable Coin Cell Lithium Batteries every 3 months after receipt of the battery to maintain the voltage , and store the battery in a cool and dry place.

2. CT-ENERGY Rechargeable 2032 Button Batteries,6pcs 3.6V 2032 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Coin Batteries Replace 3V Cr2032 Battery

  • Lithium coin batteries: CT ENERGY 3.6V rechargeable lithium ion button cells LIR2032 is without memory effect ensuring constant current and voltage. Low self-discharge rate less than 7% per month, keeps LIR2032 a more than 2-year self life.
  • Safe and long lasting power: High leak protection! Mercury free! Up to 500 charging cycles, one rechargeable 2032 coin cell can replace 80 disposable CR2032 battereis. Save your time and money.
  • Widely used in k750 wireless solar keyboard, digital scale, LED tea lights, votive candles, fairy lights, computer motherboards, car key remote control, calculators, PDAs, pet collars, stopwatches…
  • High voltage and rechargeable: 3.6V high voltage is approx. 3 times the voltage of NI-MH or NI-CD battey. Prefectly match with CT ENERGY lithium coin battery charger (purchase separately), charge batteries fully in 3 hours. Not like the 3V ML2032 which needs more than 12 hours charging time.
  • 12 months warranty and satisfaction guarantee: every CT ENERGY LIR2032 coin battery includes a 45 days money back and 12 months warranty. If it doesn’t meet your demand or satisfaction, you’re free to ask for a replacement or money back. No question asked! Now click the yellow Add to Cart above and make the purchase without any risk today.

3. USB Lithium Coin Battery Charger,with 2pcs CT-ENERGY 3.6V Rechargeable 2032 Button Batteries, for LIR2032/1620/1632/2016/2025 Batteries.

  • USB LITHIUM COIN BATTERIES CHARGER.It can be compatible with LIR2032/1620/1632/2016/2025 rechargeable batteries.It can plug into the car,laptop,USB plug and more charging.EASY TO CHARGE AND CONVENIENT FOR YOUR DAILY LIFE!
  • LIR2032 can replace disposable cr2032 batteries if your device in high working current at 20mAh~40mAh and working voltage accept 3.0V~3.7V.
  • No Mercury.The LIR2032 rechargeable batteries are widely used in Keyboard, votive candles, computer motherboards, car key remote control,stopwatches,etc.
  • USB FAST CHARGING! It just need about 2 hours to be fully charged. LED indicator show Blue=Fully Charged or No Battery, Red=Charging
  • Environmental protected battery Design! It can be charged more than 500+ times recharged cycles per one LIR2032 battery.

4. 15 Pack AmVolt CR2032 Battery 220mAh 3 Volt Lithium Battery Coin Button Cell 2023 Expiry Date

  • GRADE A ENERGY FOR YOUR SMALL DEVICES – are you looking for better, longer-lasting CR2032 battery pack for all your small devices? AmVolt’s 12 pack meets the strictest quality control products, and is certified for safety. Take advantage of longer-lasting power for your devices so you can use them conveniently. AmVolt’s 12 Pack battery keeps your devices juiced on the long-term with 3V of charge, and a 3 year shelf life
  • ONE HIGH-PERFORMANCE BATTERY PACK FOR ALL YOUR SMALL DEVICES – did your small device just run out of battery? Get this pack that’s designed for all small gadgets and forget the inconvenience. Our cr2032 battery cvs works in watches, calculators, computer motherboards, PDAs, garage door openers, electronic organizers, MP3 players, toys, games, door chimes, digital voice recorders, stopwatches, sporting foods, calorie counters, LED lights, medical gadgets, and more.
  • SAFETY CERTIFIED, LEAK FREE CR2032 BATTERY – with ISO9001, CE, RoHS, UN38.3 safety certification, this pack is guaranteed to perform leak free for a period 3 years. Get more shelf life and safer operation than standard cr2032 lithium batteries. Great pack for devices that need CR2032,BR2032, CR2032BP,5004LB, DL2032,ECR2032,KCR2032,5004LC,LM2032, EA-2032C,L14,SB-T15,EA2032C, DJ2032, L2032,2032, E- CR2032,KL2032,,KECR2032,KT-CR2032, GPCR2032
  • GET YOUR RETAIL PACK AT WHOLESALE PRICING – how about buying your cr2032 batteries in a bulk and saving money. AMVOLT batteries are designed for your long term convenience. Get going with our super pack of 12 units and keep your devices juiced for a long time – all at wholesale pricing. This multi-compatible pack is the ideal solution to provide power, quality and reliability for everyday devices.
  • YOU GET A RELIABLE CR2032 BATTERY PACK, OR YOUR MONEY BACK – you get a high performance, leak free pack of cr2032 lithium battery for your heart rate monitors, cameras, security alarms, computer equipment, and other devices. If for any reason you are not happy with this product, let us know and we’ll make it right for you. Order your super pack of cr2032 3v battery risk-free with our premium money-back guarantee today.

5. Rechargeable 2032 Battery, FITINOCH LIR2032 Button Battery Can Replace ML2032 CR2032 3v Lithium Batteries with Coin Battery Charger, 4 Count Key Fob Battery 3.7V 50mAh

  • ✅【PERFECT REPLACEMENT】This rechargeable button battery 2032 Can replace the disposable batteries cr 2032 to save money and energy with 500 times cycle charging.
  • ✅【ENERGY SAVING & ECO FRIENDLY】Mercury, cadmium and lead are not used in these small batteries,reducing a significant about of landfill waste.
  • ✅【EAST TO USE】3.6 volt 2032 batteries can be fully Charged in about 2 hours with button charger,easy to use and storage.
  • ✅【HIGH SAFETY】High leak proof and no memory effect on this round batteries with Lithium cell technology,Low self-discharge rate less than 7% per month, keeps more than 2-year self life.
  • ✅【WIDELY USAGE】Flat batteries primarily used in airtag, watches, calculators,garage door openers,toys,games,weight scale,mini and fairy string lights,door chimes,pet collars,pedometers,calorie counters,stopwatches,and more

6. CT-ENERGY Lithium Ion 2032 Battery Charger for Coin Cell Rechargeable Batteries LIR2032 4pcs Replace CR2032 Battery

  • Save the charging time! 4pcs of rechargeable 2032 batteries can be charged at the same time
  • Protect the environment! 500 times cycle charging mean that the LIR2032 battery may not last a long working time compare with CR2032. BUT it save your money and Protect the environment!!!
  • Fast charging! Charge LIR2032 in 4 hours, LIR2450 in 8 hours, LIR2016 in 3 hours.
  • Full charging Voltage of 2032 batteries is 4.2V. It means that this battery works well for Electronic devices with high working voltage from 3.0-4.0V
  • 2 years guarantee. have a 30-day money back guarantee as well as a 12-month quality guarantee and lifetime technical support.

7. Duracell – 2032 3V Lithium Coin Battery – with Bitter Coating – 4 count

  • BITTER TASTE DISCOURAGES SWALLOWING: Non-toxic, bitter coating helps prevent accidental ingestion
  • CHILD SECURE PACKAGING: Nearly impossible to open without scissors
  • LONG-LASTING POWER: Reliable and efficient power for devices like key fobs, remote controls, thermometers, and many others
  • Equivalent to : DL2032 , CR2032. Best used for – Medical devices like thermometers, Security and fitness devices, watches, remotes, calculators and key fobs. 225 mAh

8. Rechargeable 2032 Batteries 3.6V Lithium Ion Button Coin Cell Batteries of Key Fob Batteries CR2032 Rechargeable (4pcs)

  • Rechargeable 2032 with 500 times cycle charging
  • Replace CR2032 batteries in most of device like Fob key batteries
  • High operate voltage 3.6V LIR2032 with 4pcs per pack
  • No Leakage, Safety for using.
  • Environmental protected. Save your money from throw away those pesky CR2032 batteries again

9. 8pcs CT-ENERGY Rechargeable 2032 Batteries,LIR2032 3.6V Lithium Coin Button Battery for Car Remote Key,Replace 3v CR2032 Battery

  • USB FAST CHARGING. It just ONLY takes you about 3 hours to be FULLY CHARGED per one 3.6V LIR2032 battery.
  • Intelligent LED Indicator showed Blue=Charged or No battery, Red=Charging. Perfectly match with CT-ENERGY lithium coin batteries charger(Purchase separately)
  • Mercury Free! LIR2032 batteries are Suitable for Car key, solar keyboard,remote control, key fob,watches, heart rate strap, medical devices, electronic devices, motherboard, RTC clock module,etc.
  • PROTECT ENVIRONMENT!! It can be recharged more than 500 charging cycles per one CT-ENERGY LIR2032 rechargeable battery. Be sure the LIR2032 rechargeable battery with only 40mAh can not last a long working time as the disposable CR2032 battery with 200mAh and it just can only be used once.Save your money!
  • Lithium cell technology!High leak proof and no memory effect on lithium battery. Low self-discharge rate less than 7% per month, keeps LIR2032 a more than 2-year self life.

10. 4 x LIR-2032 Rechargeable Coin Cell Button Cell Batteries 3.7V and 70mAh – Replaces CR2032 Coin Cell Batteries – eg: Mainboard, Calculator, Door Bells, Bicycle Computer pet Tracker

  • 4xLIR 2032 Rechargeable button cell battery with 3.7V / 70mAh
  • High-performance battery with 70 mAh / replaces standard CR2032 batteries
  • Application: Mainboard backup battery, electric candles, bicycle computer, clocks, calculator, remote control, toys, pet tracker etc.
  • For charging the batteries we recommend the GIRAFUS LIR CHARGER

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