Top 10 Best Cam For 305 – To Buy Online

1. 1967-02 King Rod & Main & Cam Bearings Kit compatible with Chevy SB 305 307 327 350 383 Small Block Chevy

  • Rod & Main bearings available in under Sizes! .001″, .010″ .020″ .030″ & .040″.
  • Compatible with 1968-02 305 307 327 350 383 Small block Chevy

2. 1955-95 Compatible/Replacement for CHEVY SMALL BLOCK 283-305-327-350-400 ALUMINUM TIMING CHAIN COVER SET (ROLLER CAM) – BLUE

  • timing chain cover

3. COMP Cams 3136 Hi-Tech Roller Race Timing Set for OE Roller Chevrolet 305-350 and 4.3L V6

  • Premium Quality Gears – COMP Cams Hi-Tech Roller Race Timing Sets are built using high end materials. The camshaft gear is constructed from cast iron, while the crankshaft sprocket is built from induction hardened billet steel.
  • Adjustable – Designed to help ensure the best performance, Hi-Tech Roller Race Timing Sets feature three keyways on the crankshaft sprocket. The middle keyway installs the camshaft with zero degrees of advance, while the other two allow for 4 degrees advance or retard. This adjustability is a must for anyone who degrees in their camshafts.
  • The Best Chain – Pre-stretched from the factory then heat-treated, this true double roller chain is designed to handle street and race applications without loosening up.With a heavy-duty large pin design, our chains ensure timing accuracy for the life of your engine. Plus, the chains are available separately!
  • Tight Tolerances – Hi-Tech Roller Race Timing Sets are all dynamically balanced before they get to our customers. We ensure that all sets are quality checked and held to the tightest tolerances in the industry for “run-out”.
  • Race Ready – Hi-Tech Roller Race Timing Sets are ready to handle the high load race conditions. Thanks to their quality construction, adjustability, pre-stretched chain and tight quality control tolerances, the COMP Cams Hi-Tech series timing sets are among the best available.
  • Fits OE Roller Camshaft Chevrolet 305-350 Small Block and 4.3L V6
  • See 3030 for replacement chain
  • Made in USA

4. COMP Cams K12-600-4 Thumpr 227/241 Hydraulic Flat Cam K-Kit for Chevrolet Small Block

  • High performance street, stock converter ok, best with 2000+ converter and gears. Choppy/thumping idle.
  • 2,000-5,800 RPM Operating Range
  • 227/241 Duration at .050″. 107 Degree Lobe Separation Angle. 0.479″/0.465″ Valve Lift
  • K Kits vary in their contents, but generally contain a camshaft, a set of lifters, valve springs, retainers, locks, valve seals, timing set, assembly lubricant, decals and instructions. Check description for more accurate listing of kit contents.
  • Early intake valve opening and long exhaust duration create optimum overlap for powerful, hard-hitting exhaust note. Best with aftermarket converters and more rear gear.
  • Perfect choice for muscle cars and street rods – Three unique cam designs: Thumpr, Mutha’ Thumpr and Big Mutha’ Thumpr deliver excellent horsepower gains and broad torque curve.
  • Fits Chevrolet GEN 1 Small Blocks including the 262, 265, 267, 283, 302, 305, 307, 327, 350 and 400. Does not fit LT1/LT4, or factory roller Small Blocks built from 1985 and newer.
  • Made in USA

5. Torque Camshaft Cam Lifters Kit compatible with 1958-95 Chevy 305 307 327 350 283 400 NON_Roller Engines

  • Melling or Elgin RV/Torque cam. Good idle, low end torque and pulling power.
  • Intake/ Exhaust Lift .420″/ .442 Duration @ .050″ Lift 201/ 214 Smooth Idle,
  • Works well with Air Conditioning and Power Brakes Recommended with 4 BBL Carb

6. 1955-95 Chevy Small Block 283-305-327-350-400 Steel Timing Chain Cover Set (Roller Cam) w/ Timing Tab – Chrome

  • 1955-95 Chevy small block timing chain cover set includes chrome steel timing chain cover, chrome steel timing tab, bolts, seal, and gaskets.
  • Fits Chevy 283-305-327-350-400 small block engines.
  • For use with nylon cam button running a roller cam.
  • NOTE: Will not work if you are using gear drive timing chain.

7. Skunk2 Racing 305-05-0050 D-Series Tuner Stage II Camshaft

  • For mildly modified D series VTEC engines
  • All Camshafts are CNC ground and feature unique profiles and lobe shapes that emphasize an exceptional idle and low emissions
  • Horsepower Gain: 15-20hp / Torque Gains 16-20 lb-ft / RPM Range: 1,500 – 9,800 rpm
  • Intake – Lift: 11.30mm/ Duration: 223° | Exhaust – Lift: 10.80mm/ Duration: 225°
  • Valve Clearance – Intake: 0.008” / Exhaust: 0.010”

8. Lunati 10120102LK Bare Bones 224/234 Hydraulic Flat Cam/Lifter Kit for 262-400 Chevrolet Small Block

  • Noticable idle, great mid range and upper RPM power. Great for street performance or mild bracket racing
  • 2000 – 6000 RPM Operating Range
  • 224/234 Duration at .050″. 112 Degree Lobe Separation Angle. 0.465″/0.488″ Valve Lift
  • Lunati Cam and Lifter Kits include a camshaft, a set of lifters, instructions and assembly lubricant.
  • Budget Conscious Power Production – Ideal for budget minded hotrodders, the Lunati Bare Bones camshaft series delivers serious horsepower increases without breaking the bank.
  • Modern Profile – Thanks to an asymmetrical lobe design, the Lunati Bare Bones line greatly increases throttle response and acceleration.
  • Fits Chevrolet GEN 1 Small Blocks including the 262, 265, 267, 283, 302, 305, 307, 327, 350 and 400. Does not fit LT1/LT4, or factory roller Small Blocks built from 1985 and newer.
  • Made in USA
  • Hydraulic Flat Tappet
  • Noticeable idle, great mid range and upper RPM power
  • Manufactured In United States

9. JEGS Roller Lifter Retainer Kit | For 1991-2002 Small Block Chevy 305 5.0L & 350 5.7L Engines | Includes Lifter Retainer, Camshaft Bolts, Lifter Guides, Cam Thrust Plate & Mounting Bolts

  • CONTAINS THE NECESSARY PIECES REQUIRED to install hydraulic roller lifters in blocks with OE hydraulic roller camshafts
  • FITS 1991-2002 small block Chevrolet 305 / 5.0L & 350 / 5.7L engines
  • INCLUDES (1) lifter retainer, (3) camshaft bolts, (8) lifter guides, (1) cam thrust plate, & (2) cam plate mounting bolts
  • MADE WITH high quality components and assembly
  • NOTE: cam thrust plate measures 3.90” from tip to tip, 3.70” c/l, and 2.685” from top to bottom. the inside diameter is 1.69”

10. GSL-2145CAM Alloy Truck Square Rod CAM Tire Chains 10.00-20, 11-22.5, 285/70-24.5, 10.00/90-20, 13/80-20, 275/80-22.5, 305/70-22.5

  • Alloy steel for long durability.
  • 7-8mm Square rod cross chains for excellent traction.
  • Cam tighteners for easy installation.
  • Sold in pairs. Fits: 10.00-20; 11-22.5; 285/70-24.5; 10.00/90-20; 13/80-20; 275/80-22.5; 305/70-22.5
  • Highway and light off-road use

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