The Werewolf Principle (Clifford D. Simak)

What is the Best The Werewolf Principle (Clifford D. Simak)?

Review of the The Werewolf Principle (Clifford D. Simak):

The Werewolf Principle (Clifford D. Simak)

– I can’t remember how I came to read this book, I think it was one of those 1.99$ recommendations I get from Amazon, but I was pleasantly surprised.
The book was very interesting and at times thought provoking.
The funniest thing about it was that it was written in 1965 and the author came up with the idea of talking houses that take care of their inhabitants and can even fly from place to place but (in the story) when someone left the house he couldn’t be reached… Since they didn’t have cellphones! I just found it funny and interesting that he could think of space travel and smart houses but didn’t think of mobile phones.

Did anyone here read it?
What did you think?

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