The Way of Kings

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The Way of Kings

– I’m not a big reader, as I read painfully slow due to ADHD. But there’s something so beautiful about the first book. Especially at a time in my life where I was so hopeless. I just love the way Sanderson wrote Kaladins character, even if he is a generic protagonist with plot armor. It’s the idea behind the character I love. This hopeless, lost individual with no place or purpose, managing to find a meaning/reason to keep pushing forward, even when he himself doesn’t understand why he’s still there. And that last part in the book where he goes back to save Dalarin and his army, it sent chills up my spine. Cause reading it I imagined the song “Outro” by M83, playing. It took me months to read the book but I think every chapter came at a time where I really needed it.


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