The Name of the Wind

What is the Best The Name of the Wind?

Review of the The Name of the Wind:

The Name of the Wind

– I know there’s a lot of discussion about whether this is a good book or bad but I have something else to say!

Does this book not read like it was written by a Redditor? And portrays a character that depicts what Redditors view themselves as?

He’s so completely arrogant but tells his story as if he’s being humble. It’s one long humblebrag. And he’s good at everything and knows everything.

It reminds me of the Martian and Project Hail Mary.

I want to coin a new literary genre: Redlit – featuring characters that portrait the ideal person. Polymath good at everything they try at (but they promise they put in the work before hand), underdog, misunderstood, hyper rational in a world where others aren’t, humble, hate men who are good at getting women but also manage to have their ideal women throw themselves at them because they realize they posses all the qualities listed above that other men don’t.

It’s just a redditor’s fantasy! Am I missing anything?


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