Syver Seeker LITRPG – By Kenny Kenway

What is the Best Syver Seeker LITRPG – By Kenny Kenway?

Review of the Syver Seeker LITRPG – By Kenny Kenway:

Syver Seeker LITRPG – By Kenny Kenway

– Seeing as Fantasy is one of my favourite genres to read; i decided to take a read on this particular book. A necromancer on an adventure. Also… Number 1 on amazon kindle books with a 4.5/5 rating.
A necromancer; how interesting. RPG statistics; intriguing.. An ADVENTURE; how exciting the journey could be.
All this fell flat in the 1/4 the book when he as a level 1 necromancer can defeat a bunch of level 40 ogres; and throughout the journey; he gains all these stats and perks when the plot requires it. It is just so ridiculous when he with 1 strength stat can defeat a warrior by hitting him with a Rock. !<
Overall not just stats but he just goes through traps; figures out curses and all that in a blink of an eye and the book reasons it that it was his Unique Class that allows him to do such things.!<
All this makes it a suffering read and i forced myself to finish it to see it to its entirety.. it is hugely disappointing mary sue Hero who cannot lose to anything and its overall a giant waste of time. The journey is also stupid because he completes each quest with ease despite how difficult it should be. !<

>!Just find it odd how it is a number 1 best seller. :-/ !<

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