Self-Help Books that ACTUALLY changed your life..

What is the Best Self-Help Books that ACTUALLY changed your life..?

Review of the Self-Help Books that ACTUALLY changed your life..:

Self-Help Books that ACTUALLY changed your life..

– Last point (at the end of this post) is very important, so I request you to help me with that.

I’m a student who strives to self improve. I have no idea whom to follow. Whenever I start following someone, I get negative reviews about them from the people around me, and then I realise the truth (Andrew Tate for example). I am also trying to make money by learning the stock market (Only to learn for the long run, wont invest too much). I’ve decided to actually find some self-help BOOKS, which ACTUALLY made an impact to you (the reader’s) life. I’m looking to actively workout, be productive, and I want to become a better learner. I want all sorts of books related to becoming better at MATH, better at MEMORISING/LEARNING, more PRODUCTIVE, better at SOCIALISING, HUMAN NATURE, and more. All books that have CHANGED your life, and are waiting to change MINE. I want to excel, strive, and get a HEADSTART from all the people around me. I want to EXCEL at life. At ALL aspects that affect me. I do NOT want to be part of mediocrity. I request you to suggest me books that make my education, learning, memorisation, activity, productivity, body language, speech, and EVERYTHING related to improving all aspects of my life. Please do so. I am going to DEDICATE to this EARLY ON, and I cant stay knowing that I am not the best version of myself.

Also let me know if I should read PHYSICAL books, or E-BOOKS.

\*\*Important: Please let me know HOW to RETAIN EVERYTHING I read, and apply it in all possible situations.\*\*


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