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Safety Question: Concrete Saw

– Hey there,

I have a question about safety protocols when using concrete saws. I haven’t been using them myself, but have a construction crew around my house who is cutting up the road for the next few weeks (replacing municipal lead pipes).

Twice I have seen road crews handling an “idling” concrete saw with the blade left spinning at full speed….with no guard…and no one attending it.

These are enormous concrete saws–I’d estimate the blade is around 30 inches. It’s the thing you use to cut up the road.

Once the saw was left unattended (again, no guard) just free spinning while the work crew was off doing other things. It was in the part of the work site that is adjacent to passing cars, passing bikes, etc. In other words, it wasn’t “deep in the work zone.” If someone biking past had slipped and fallen against it, they would have been cut open. In fact, it was close enough that it could have just nicked the foot of a cyclist in the other lane.

The other time was (to my untrained eye) even worse. The saw was being “driven” up a loading ramp to be stored in the back of a large transport van. The guy operating it was revving the engine to slowly “drive” it up the ramp, and this was also making the saw operate at full speed. The way the ramp was angled (with a 90-degree turn at the top), the saw was actually advancing so that at the top of the ramp the blade was poking out past the profile of the box truck, into the airspace/headspace of the sidewalk. Again, no guard.

So, obviously this all sounds very very dangerous (to me, anyway).

But here’s my specific tool-related question: is there not some sort of switch or setting on these saws so that they can be left to idle or “drive” WITHOUT the saw spinning? What I mean is, is there not some sort of “saw clutch” to engage and disengage the saw? I have been thinking about what I’ve seen for days and I can’t decide which is worse–and more inexplicable: that the crew is purposely/lazily leaving the saw clutch engage or that the manufacturer built these things so that they can’t run without the saw spinning.

Which is it?

Thank you in advance.

This is in Quebec, for what that’s worth. So likely some sort of North American manufacturer for the concrete saw.


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