Rules of Civility changed my life somehow

What is the Best Rules of Civility changed my life somehow?

Review of the Rules of Civility changed my life somehow:

Rules of Civility changed my life somehow

I was born and raised in NYC but the people that know me these days would think Texas or New Zealand, or Montana. I change it as I feel like. I typically don’t read books based in NYC because it’s overdone and, I ran away from that place. No need to bring up memories. But I’ve grown tired of mysteries and thrillers. I selected the book because I thought maybe it might teach me things about life and the way be, things I would’ve learned if I had not been thrown to the world just before my 14th birthday.

Ironically, at the end of the book, I decided not to read the rules. What drew me to the book in the first place aha.

I’ve lived and visited many places since my days in NYC. But I went back for a bit and Katey’s year of 1938 rings too true to my time back home. I resonated too well with each character in some moments. All this time I’ve been telling myself I left NYC and I’ll never visit Cali because of the way the city chews people up, what it brings out in people and how easy it is to lose yourself. I’ve told myself that place is dirty and no place to live. Those people are shallow but really I’ve just been running from my year of 1938.

My grandmother came to this country with 1k in her pocket. My mom left with nothing but me in her belly. I got left in a waiting room with nothing but the clothes I had on. I don’t talk to nobody but I know my grandmother lives brownstone worth a few mill but always bad with money, her struggles go on. My mom, well she does pilates and yoga. A few properties here and there, Rolls Royce for a night in town, Range Rover for groceries, deciding on a G wagon or the EQS after crashing the Maserati.

As for me. Still a bit lost. Still a bit ambitious. I don’t know. I see myself in Eve, Tinker, and Katey.

I loved Dicky the most and am happy with his ending. I’m curious about Wallace and a bit annoyed Katey didn’t care too much for him.

But overall, I saw my life in a different but similar situations too many times in that book. When Anne offered Katey the key I was annoyed she didn’t at least consider it. Then I remember rejecting two bored, lonely millionaires in my year of 1938. I remember each group I joined and left. Each person who I happened to connect with and show me a bit of life beyond my means. And I remember everyone rooting for me and all the opportunities, the choices. And I can’t help but feel disappointed in myself and a bit like a fraud these days in Montana.

But I’m still quite young and I imagine much happened before 1966. In my younger years a bunch of Nabkov and All the Light We Cannot See had a huge impact on me. I feel oddly like this book is gonna propel me to a new area but at the moment I’ve thrown it on the dashboard and tomorrow, I’ll start a new book.

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