Reading the World 2023

What is the Best Reading the World 2023?

Review of the Reading the World 2023:

Reading the World 2023

– I joined the Storygraph Reads the World challenge for this year: “The goal is to read a book set in the country, by an author from that country. You can definitely read from authors in that country’s diaspora too, but please try to choose books which are physically set in that country (or at least partly!). The aim is to try to get outside of the US and UK. :-)”

The countries this year are Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Italy, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, South Africa, Syria, Trinidad& Tobago.

I’m finding it difficult to even find books from most of these countries. Italy was obviously very easy and I read The Dry Heart by Natalia Ginsburg (it was fine…). I also attempted to read Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie but I DNF, I just wasn’t feeling it.

Despite how little progress I’ve done so far I think it’s one of my favourite reading challenges from Storygraph as it’s really making me look around very carefully for what I want to read instead of just going off vibes.

It’s also so refreshing to have a different type of reading challenge rather than just no. of books in a year.

Is anyone else trying this challenge? If so how’s your experience so far?

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