Reading Books You Don’t Like?

What is the Best Reading Books You Don’t Like??

Review of the Reading Books You Don’t Like?:

Reading Books You Don’t Like?

– I’m curious what everyone’s stance is on reading books you aren’t enjoying. I was doing the NY Times crossword today and one of the answers spoke to this idea of reading a book you hate. So it got me thinking, is there merit in seeing a book through to the end if you don’t like it? I personally have always stopped reading any book I really dislike after several chapters (maybe 50 or 75 pages at most). But I am curious – is there something I am missing?

Are you team “too many books, too little time”? Let me know I am right to move on to greener pastures.

Or are you team “stick it out, you might like it in the end”? Educate me on what I am missing out on by ditching books partway through!

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