Post-blackout and Going Forward

What is the Best Post-blackout and Going Forward?

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Post-blackout and Going Forward

– Hello community,

As you may know, we went dark for over a week to protest a recent change announced by reddit.

Here is a link to what is happening and why we went dark: [


>Apollo made 7 billion requests last month, which would put it at about 1.7 million dollars per month, or 20 million US dollars per year. Even if I only kept subscription users, the average Apollo user uses 344 requests per day, which would cost $2.50 per month, which is over double what the subscription currently costs, so I’d be in the red every month.

We have received a message from the Admin team basically demanding that we stop the protest of the recent API changes or we will be removed: [

The mod team is currently discussing ways to continue participating in the API protest without putting the subreddit at risk. A few ways that other subreddits have implemented are:

1. One day a week blackouts

2. Banning a specific letter and removing posts/comments that include that letter

3. Marking the subreddit as NSFW since this is all motivated by maximizing advertising revenue for their upcoming IPO

4. Only allowing pictures of Spez as he’s the largest tool currently known.


The list of demands that need to be addressed as a result of this change: [

Please share your feedback and any suggestions you may have for showing our support to 3rd party apps and scripts that will be negatively impacted by this API change.


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