Our Longstanding “No Politics” Rule remains unchanged

What is the Best Our Longstanding “No Politics” Rule remains unchanged?

Here is the compression list for Our Longstanding “No Politics” Rule remains unchanged:

Our Longstanding “No Politics” Rule remains unchanged

– Read our rules. We have had a longstanding “No Religion, No Politics” rule here at r/tools.

The mods aren’t stupid. We also don’t like getting buckets of reports in the inbox.

If someone posts/comments with politics, resist the urge to reply and argue. Just report, downvote (if that’s your jam) and move on with life.

A small flag, sticker, etc that appears in a photo will generally be allowed (so long as it doesn’t violate other rules and doesn’t draw a bunch of reports) but a bunch of people in the comments saying “Hell Yeah, a fellow [INSERT PARTY] Supporter!” is gonna get the post pulled. Political content that is clearly the motivation for the post will get the post pulled.

First time it’s a short ban, second time it’s permanent. And as we’ve discussed before, the mod team doesn’t go looking for posts, we’re not lifeguards, we respond to the reports we receive.

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