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NTD From Japan

– Amazon had random stuff marked way down on their Amazon Japan international storefront from at least a few days before Prime Days up until Prime Days ended. Took advantage of it.

8″ long nose pliers, typical Tsunoda quality. Very well-formed serrations, including serrations under the joint.

3 sizes of Lobster adjustables so now I feel my set is complete; smallest is like 4″ long and goes to 24mm wife, largest is 12″ long and goes to 46mm.

An Ebisu Diamond pocket level. Depending on the light, the liquid actually looks pink. Pretty strong magnets in the bottom.

Wise Pierceball hex wrenches. One side is normal hex and the other has a ball hex, with each end having a different size. This set goes 2.5mm-8mm, nice and low profile and the beams are pretty thick too.

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