New (used) saw and surprise box

What is the Best New (used) saw and surprise box?

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New (used) saw and surprise box

– A couple weeks ago was the city wide consignment auction. I’ve been looking for a radial arm saw to fill in the workshop and was able to pick up this 12″ Dewalt 7790 for $45. I am pretty pleased with it and now I need to get it moved into the workshop and tuned up. There was a box under the saw I hadn’t checked before loading everything up. Turns out as part of the auction I also bought 46 saw blades and 6 wobbler dados. Quite a few of them are marked as if they just came back from the sharpener. They vary in size from 13″ to 6″ and a mix of carbide and high speed steel. I’m pretty pleased with that too.

[Dewalt 7790](

[ Plus six wobbler dado blades and some pieces. ](

[ One 9\\”, one 8\\”, one 7 1\/2\\”, twenty-two 7 1\/4\\”, one 7\\” and four 6\\” ](

[ One 13\\”, two 11 3\/4\\”, eight 10\\”, five 9 3\/4\\” ](

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