Mint mobile intro offer glitch

what is Mint mobile intro offer glitch?


Mint mobile intro offer glitch

– So the mint mobile intro offer says that you can get a 3 month of unlimited data for 15$/month.

But upon discussing with the phone representative, they notified me that as an existing user I cant avail this offer. And I will have to buy 5gb a month 25$/month plan for three months.

Even though I can buy a new sim, but I can’t transfer my number to it.

The catch: They said that i’ll get a 90 bucks referral credit if I make one of my friends use my referral code. Now can I, refer my friend (myself) to go buy unlimited data for 45 bucks (total 3 months) and then use the 90 bucks referral credit for my (5gb – 3 month) existing plan?

I have a dual sim phone so i was hoping to use internet of the other sim. Does this plan seem legit? Did any one try it? It seems like a glitch in the matrix. The representative said that it should work as I think, but I am doubtful as I don’t want to endup wasting my money.

What should I do, please advice.


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