Michael Crichton has disturbed me

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Michael Crichton has disturbed me

– I was reading his book Travels, that details events in his life. In the Chapter called Bangkok, he talks about going to a whore house in Bangkok with 2 other men. It was a child whore house. Michael says him and one of the guys decide not to partake with anything inside and waited outside instead. Saying that they don’t want the guy who did go in, to think they are chicken for not joining. The guy comes back saying they missed some extraordinary stuff. The girls might have been as young as 10/11 years old.

Like a lot of people I am a huge fan of Jurassic Park, I’ve read other books by Michael, own several more that I have not read yet. However, the way this was so casually talked about, with no clear signs of disgust for even just hanging out with someone like that is truly disturbing. I’m so disappointed.

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