Just Finished The Well of Ascension (Contains Spoilers)

What is the Best Just Finished The Well of Ascension (Contains Spoilers)?

Review of the Just Finished The Well of Ascension (Contains Spoilers):

Just Finished The Well of Ascension (Contains Spoilers)

– Wow, this was a lot better than I expected. I really liked the first novel and figured this might be more of an intermediary novel.


* I wasn’t too excited about the love triangle but I felt it did make sense and helped introduce a character so I was able to live with it.
* There was a bit more politics than I’d have like at the beginning but I think over all it pays off. Could some of this been condensed? Maybe.
* It felt like this may have been a candidate for “could this have been resolved if the characters just talked?”. However, I felt like their were valid reasons the discussions didn’t or couldn’t occur.


* Characters had a lot of depth and were easy to be invested it. I really felt gutted when some characters died.
* The larger overarching plot and world. I love how Sanderson drip feeds information and always seems to take the plot up a notch.
* The suspense and action was great, the plot pacing was really good as well.

Overall a perfect 5/7. What did you think of the book if you have read it? I got about 700 pages into the Way of Kings but stopped. I’ve only read Mistborn and this of his.

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