I’ve saved some money for books

What is the Best I’ve saved some money for books?

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I’ve saved some money for books

– So I’ve managed to save a couple hundred bucks and I want to spend them on books. Now my dilemma is what kind of books I should buy. From one side I want some Folio Society books, but on the other side I wonder whether 20-30 “normal” books would be better. Before you ask, no I can’t get them used; I don’t live in an English speaking country so I’d have to get them all new. And a library card would be kind of useless since the majority of what I want to read in written in English and I don’t want to read a translation (my fellow countrymen kind of suck at these, so that’s one more reason not to read them translated). So I want your opinion; which option do you think is best / what would you do if you were in my place?

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