Industrial Air vs California Air Tools

What is the Best Industrial Air vs California Air Tools?

Here is the compression list for Industrial Air vs California Air Tools:

Industrial Air vs California Air Tools

– Hoping to hear about any experiences with either brand of air compressors. I’m doing a ton of research and the one thing I can’t find is user testimonial for both items—auxiliary air receiver tanks.

Attracted to usa-made and industrial has a reputation for solid products. Seems California air has a great track record as well, but made in Mexico. Beats being made in china, but the California brand seems to have more complaints on the quality of fittings. Fittings can be changed, but it comes with a cost although minor.

Anyone have some first hand experience with either brand? Both companies had some really nice folks on the other end of the phone—nearly absent in today’s world. California air is smaller, however, and we’re very personable.

Comes down to the tool itself but it sure was cool to come across kind people at both companies. Not asking anyone to decide for me but I appreciate any advice that will better equip me to make a decision. Leaning towards Industrial at this time

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