I volunteered to help clean out a cat lady’s house.

what is I volunteered to help clean out a cat lady’s house.?


I volunteered to help clean out a cat lady’s house.

– I looked at it today and the entire house is a litter box. (But not the bedrooms.) My eyes were watering and I had to get out. I can’t back out of it now. Any ideas how to go about this job? I will open the doors and windows, maybe bring a fan? I don’t want to stir it up too much. Any tips on how to hold open a garbage bag while scooping trash into it? Should I mask up?


Edit- Okay, job is done. Well mostly, I need to hire some muscle to remove the furniture and the carpet, then I can clean the bare floor. I want to thank user [814420](https://www.reddit.com/user/814420/) for the list. The respirator worked great, I could not smell anything while I was working. I bought a wheeled garbage can and contractor bags, was easy to get to the alley.

There were not many bugs, thank goodness. A few ants in the kitchen and some spiders in the basement. I can’t figure out why people are scared of spiders. (except the poison ones) You are bigger than they are!

I can’t believe the number of people telling me to back out. Bunch of lazy ass pansies. I have been cleaning out sheep pens, cow barns, hog sheds and chicken houses all my life. You ever cleaned out a chicken house while hung over as a punishment? Talk about ammonia! Cleaning up this house was a piece of cake! And the people telling me to go to goodwill and BUY used clothing? Are you kidding me? I can wear out my own clothing all by myself, thank you.

But seriously, I want to thank everyone for all the suggestions!


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