I need help finding a book

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I need help finding a book

– Hello! Sorry in advance for weird formatting or something, I’m on mobile.

Okay so, the book I’m looking for is like a young adult novel, it was like a fairy tale setting but like the aftermath kinda thing. It was about a girl who was like the the daughter(?) Of the lady who lived in a shoe. The main character, I’ll just call her MC, so MC was like a petty thief because her family was poor. She was trying to get home because I think she was baking a cake for someone’s birthday. So I believe she got selected for a program or something that had her sent to like a magical boarding school, and she was trying to break out once she got there.

Other details I remember, the other character was a guy, I think the layout of the school changed or like maybe just a specific part of the layout but I could be wrong for either of them, I remember something about like a fairy lady or whatever but I can’t tell if that’s from this story or just my brain confusing stuff.

Sorry if that’s all confusing or a mess, I read the story briefly like 5 years ago and I can’t remember much. If anyone has any questions I’ll try my best to recall. If you know the story please tell me! Thank you for reading, and good luck!

TLDR: A YA novel about one of the kids of the lady who lived in a shoe, having to go to a magical private school and tries to get out.

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