I just finished reading Crime and Punishment… I dont understand?

What is the Best I just finished reading Crime and Punishment… I dont understand??

Review of the I just finished reading Crime and Punishment… I dont understand?:

I just finished reading Crime and Punishment… I dont understand?

– This was a painfully confusing story to read. Thankfully the version I have is Oliver Ready’s with a lot of translation notes at the back that I kept referring to. Especially all the religious undertones, references to Napoleon and other Russian literature works. If it wasn’t for that I think I would have lost the plot completely. (I mean, it took me 4 whole chapters to realise Zametov = Alexander Grigo-something the head clerk of the bureau)

Raskolnikov never truly repented did he? He still believes in his ideals, and somehow fell in love with Sonya? I don’t understand how or why Sonya followed him to Siberia. And was it that easy to meet a prisoner in Omsk at that time? Even Dunya and Razumikhin plan on following them to Siberia like its that easy???

I also don’t understand Porfiry. He’s clever? But how did he know it was Raskolnikov who’s the true killer? From what I understood, he kept baiting Raskolnikov, even using Zametov and Razumikhin as (unknowing) spies. So he deduced it from all of that?

What happened to Zametov at the end? “moved on” and “fell out with everyone” He had a fight with everyone while he’s drunk and trying other ventures? I didn’t really understand his personality. He felt like someone who was civil and proper until him and Raskolnikov’s encounter at the tavern.

And Svidrigailov? A horny guy who somehow actually managed to fall in love with Dunya? Then offs himself when Dunya rejects him for good?

As for Luzhin. Did he just stop being relevant after he tried to frame Sonya? (Yes I almost mixed him up with Porfiry as sometimes they both are referred to by their names that are basically P.P)

This took me 3 weeks to finish. It’s an amazing book, just maybe too complex for me to understand.

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