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How to make “punch”

– So, I have had to encounter this with a purely trial and error method. However, I have found an alcoholic punch method that works very well and makes people think I know more than I do. And the perfect part is that it becomes an opaque translucent reddish very reminiscent of old red koolaid.

So, the recipe, for lack of a better term, is 1/2 hard liquor, 1/4 cranberry juice cocktail and 1/4 orange juice. Combine by stirring or shaking, it doesn’t matter. The key is serving over ice. Don’t include ice in your mixing process, but put ice in the glass with it, about half full. It can be a little strong without ice, but it’s good cold.

You can use many different things for the “hard liquor” and you can also deviate from this easily. Throw in a little lemon juice too. For a single serving, you’re looking at 2 ounces of vodka, 1 ounce each of orange and cranberry. Since lemon is strong, a half ounce of that.

But this scales up well. For a small party with solo cups, just recommend some ice with it or it will be strong. Make it the night before and throw it in the fridge. Do a fifth gallon of vodka, a tenth gallon of oj, and a tenth gallon of cranberry for a decent pitcherful. For a cooler full, use a handle of vodka and a quarter gallon of oj and cranberry. Thats also big bowl size. as you need

But you can use other stuff. Use bourbon instead. Or Irish whiskey. Or even gin or tequila. I don’t know about scotch. Maybe not that. Or use peach schnapps and melon liquor for the liquor. Use triple sec too, or blue curacao for a new color.

Trust me, this works. Try stuff out on a small.scale first to avoid losing money, but this works and it is visually something nostalgic with the red. The cloudiness of most oj and how it combines with cranberry is fantastic. Add sherbet to be adventurous.


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