How do you rate books?

What is the Best How do you rate books??

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How do you rate books?

– I wrote a post about my hatred for King Killer Chronicles recently and said I gave it 1 star. A respondent told me even if I disliked the book it wasn’t worth one star because of the writing being so good.

I reflected on what he was wrote and I still tend to disagree with his system. I’m currently reading Lessons in Chemistry which consistently gets 5 stars from my friends of Goodreads. Im a feminist and have a Masters in a Science so I had very high hopes but I plan at this point (50 pages to the end) to give it 3 stars. Why? Because it is what I call “put down-able”, which I have classified as my number one requirement for a 5 star. If I keep going for another chapter, then another one and suddenly it’s 3 am? – that’s 5 stars.

What makes a book 5 stars for you?

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