House of Leaves – My Lingering Questions (SPOILERS)

What is the Best House of Leaves – My Lingering Questions (SPOILERS)?

Review of the House of Leaves – My Lingering Questions (SPOILERS):

House of Leaves – My Lingering Questions (SPOILERS)

– Hi all,

I just finished House of Leaves, and man it was a wild ride. Not a perfect book, but what a great experience. It gets lumped in as a “horror” novel, and sure it had some scary elements, but the non-existent documentary angle was secondary to the real story of a troubled young man’s struggles with hereditary mental health issues (those letters from JT’s mom in the Appendix are soul crushing) – which were spurred on after finding the bizarre (but amazingly well-written) writings of Zampano.

All that said – I’m left with a number of questions. I’m sure the author left a lot of this intentionally vague, but I’m wondering if there was anything in the book that I might have missed that would answer any of these. I’m also interested to get your thoughts!

1. Why does the word “house” appear in blue font through out the book?
2. What really happened to Zampano? What caused the deep gauges in the floor near where he was found?
3. What is the significance, if any, of the final story JT tells, about the mother in the NICU? A heart-wrenching way to end his narrative, but I kinda wish his closing remarks gave a little more indication in what would happen to him.
4. The biggest one – and perhaps my biggest gripe if there is no answer – If the documentary/house/Navidson never existed and was totally made up by Zampano…WHY DID HE WRITE IT? What purpose did it serve to make all that up? It’s not just the ramblings of a mad man…it’s written so well and so thoroughly researched and sited, it just seems like such a let down to not at least give the reader some tie-in to Zampano at least having experienced the house, or something like it, in his life.
5. And of course – WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE CATS!?

Thanks in advance – looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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