Got scammed on AbeBooks

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Got scammed on AbeBooks

– Ordered a new book for $33 from a 5-star seller in Texas on AbeBooks on 10/9.

Today, I received a used book showing wear and markings.

Interestingly, the package included an Amazon Marketplace invoice, dated 10/13, describing the book as “used, good” condition and priced at just $10.40 including shipping. It was from Seattle Goodwill, shipped to my address, but with a buyer name I don’t recognize.

It seems the AbeBooks seller pocketed a $23 profit from my order through a practice called “dropshipping”. The seller did try to hide this from me, as they added “PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE INVOICE” in the shipping address. Sorry dude, Amazon didn’t give a shit.

This is my first time having an issue with AbeBooks. Just wanted to share that this can happen.

While this was obviously a scam, it got me thinking. What if the situation was subtler, and the seller dropshipped a book in acceptable or good condition while advertising it as very good? How can we trust the condition ratings on used books?

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