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Good experience with Isotunes

– Posted in r/Tools because it’s PPE for loud power tools

I bought a pair of the Isotunes 2.0 headphones about 1 year ago (Oct 22 to be exact), and used them pretty much everyday for working in construction. Pop them in in the morning when I leave the house and take them out when I get back home. In other words: they got a lot of use, 3000+ hours. About a month ago the rubber inlay over the controls started to degrade and pretty soon they wouldn’t turn on anymore. It was still under warranty so I reached out to Isotunes and they apologized, said they would send me a replacement pair, and asked me to recycle my current pair. No need to send in or even show pictures of the issue. Two days later: sure enough, brand new updated headphones at my door. Looks like the control module is a little different so maybe they improved the rubber interface.

I like the headphones a lot, the NIOSH/OSHA certified hearing protection is the main selling point for me but beyond that they just work well and have long battery life. They’re made in the US which is really cool to me, and looks like they stand behind their warranty.

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