[Giveaway] – Kensington Thunderbolt 4 Dock & OWC Pro SSD with Thunderbolt 4 cable – Intel Thunderbolt

what is [Giveaway] – Kensington Thunderbolt 4 Dock & OWC Pro SSD with Thunderbolt 4 cable – Intel Thunderbolt?


[Giveaway] – Kensington Thunderbolt 4 Dock & OWC Pro SSD with Thunderbolt 4 cable – Intel Thunderbolt – Intel officially unveiled **Thunderbolt™ 5**, the next generation of Thunderbolt™ technology, which will include several innovations designed to meet the growing needs of creators, gamers, and professionals. Thunderbolt™ 5 will deliver **80 Gbps** of bi-directional bandwidth and up to **120 Gbps** for intensive usage – *3x the capabilities of Thunderbolt™ 4!* Experience lifelike resolution displays, low-latency visuals, and blazing-fast storage and transfer speeds like never before. [Read more](https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/newsroom/news/intel-introduces-thunderbolt-5-standard.html#gs.52ev7f).

To celebrate and while we wait for the next generation to come to market, we want to hook you up so you can start experiencing the power of Thunderbolt™ today. We’re giving away a Thunderbolt™ prize bundle *(valued at $706.98 USD)* here on Reddit and even more prizes on our contest linked below:

* (1) Kensington SD5700T Thunderbolt 4 Dock
* (1) OWC Envoy Pro FX 2.0TB SSD
* (1) 2.0M OWC Thunderbolt Cable

## Kensington SD5700T Thunderbolt 4 Dual 4K Docking Station

* Supports Thunderbolt™ 4, compatible with Thunderbolt™ 3, USB4, USB-C (Windows 10+, macOS 11+).
* Video output: Single 8K @ 30 Hz or Dual 4K @ 60Hz.
* 40Gbps data transfer speeds.
* 90W USB-C PD 3.0 laptop charging.
* [Learn more](https://www.kensington.com/p/products/device-docking-connectivity-products/laptop-docks-usb-accessories/sd5700t-thunderbolt-4-dual-4k-docking-station-with-90w-pd/)

## OWC Envoy Pro FX 2.0TB SSD

* 2.0TB external storage.
* Thunderbolt 3 connectivity.
* IP67 water and dust resistance.
* [Learn more](https://www.owc.com/solutions/envoy-pro-fx)

## 2.0M OWC Thunderbolt (USB-C) Cable

* Thunderbolt 4 and USB-C connectivity.
* High-speed data transfer and video output.
* [Learn more](https://www.owc.com/solutions/thunderbolt-4-usb-c-cables)

## How To Enter:

*Contest 1:* Please leave a top-level comment about how these Thunderbolt accessories would improve your workflow and level up your setup for a chance to win for Reddit-only.

*Contest 2:* Navigate to [https://bit.ly/TBT5Giveaway](https://bit.ly/TBT5Giveaway) and perform any of the 15 ways to enter for a chance to win an ultimate Thunderbolt Creator Bundle on Gleam.

You can win either contest, so we recommend participating in both!

## Rules:

* One winner will be randomly selected from top-level comments that meet the entry requirement *(Contest 1)*
* One winner will be selected randomly from all valid entries collected during the Gleam contest *(Contest 2)*
* One top-level comment/entry per person.
* Duplicate entries will be removed.
* Accounts must be 90 days old by October 16th, 2023
* Entries are open until October 16th, 2023 at 12:00 UTC *(6:00 PM MST, 8:00 PM ET)*
* Moderators and Thunderbolt/Intel employees are not eligible to win.
* Contest restricted to US residents who are 18+ years old.
* Official rules for contest 2 [here](https://bit.ly/TBT5Giveaway).


28 thoughts on “[Giveaway] – Kensington Thunderbolt 4 Dock & OWC Pro SSD with Thunderbolt 4 cable – Intel Thunderbolt”

  1. I shoot photos in RAW so upgrading my current Thunderbolt 3 docking station to a TB4 dock will give me faster transfer speeds for my CFExpress B card reader. Thunderbolt external SSDs are great for transferring photos between my workstations and laptops as well.

  2. The thunderbolt dock would clean up my setup for my neuroimaging research. Right now I have two monitors, power, Ethernet, and a drawing tablet plugged into my laptop at all times, but I also need more ports. The high speed storage would be a godsend for the fast analysis of large datasets, and the 2m cable would make my setup much more flexible.

  3. This dock would be a huge step up for me—I could just plug in one cord i stead of plugging everything in individually.

  4. Video editing in 4k is currently a pain. Being able to transfer my 4k HDR stuff quickly between Mac and PC would be a god send.

  5. I have a many dongles going to my laptop currently. It would improve my setup to consolidate it into one near package. It would allow me to have multiple monitors set up easier too.

  6. this would be great to complete my setup for having work aimed pc with a bootable gaming ssd dock. This would make the double os install hassle a thing of the past!

  7. Winning would help me replace my troublesome Plugable Thunderbolt 3 dock and prevent future frustration with devices disconnecting and power issues.

  8. My current dock is unreliable and really touchy (like my cat brushes the USB-c cable and my monitor drops…) this would make swapping from work use to personal use so much simpler.

  9. I would use the docking station in my recording studio and it would be heavily featured in the videos I make for the making of several albums I have coming down the pipeline. I will recommend it as I already think it’s a must have for anyone who works professionally and has several pro-level devices they need to attach to their computers.

  10. This would help my setup due to having two computers sharing 3 monitors and it could easily clean up the set up and relieve some USB ports. It’d be great to have one!

  11. I’m a devops engineer I have been working from home since April of ‘20. This would improve my output by simply giving me the ability to use multiple screens at once as opposed to the single one I’m using now. Using a larger or multiple screens at once would increase my workflow by 20%

  12. Upgraded my iPhone X with an iPhone 15 Pro Max so my workflow lost lightning and could use Thunderbolt, 🤪.

    I work from home but travel to my clients daily. Having one cable for all my devices and being able to grab-n-go with an SSD would speed up my workflow. Being able to use the dock when I am back makes it all seamless.

  13. As someone who WFH I use my storage pretty quickly. These would be great for switching between work and play easily!

  14. I archive a lot of files for dying communities and the SSD would massively increase speeds of transferring files and uploading them. Would be awesome to have!

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