Getting Back Into Reading

What is the Best Getting Back Into Reading?

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Getting Back Into Reading

– When I was 12-14ish I used to be able to dive into books. I would put some classical music or sometimes even movie scores on my headphones and just lay in bed and read for hours on end while my friends played Xbox..

Since then (almost 12-14 years later) I’ve struggled to finish even relatively short books (200-300 pages). Every once in a while I play with the idea of getting back into reading but always fall back to my PC and gaming. I feel my mind slowly rotting away constantly either watching TV or playing video games. I know reading would be a far better activity for me.

I was hoping to get some tips or advice for getting back into reading. Should I just try to jump into something popular? I’m not even really sure what questions to ask..

I’ll also say I can’t stand device reading (phone, computer) for two reasons. It just doesn’t feel like I’m reading a book, and it provides distractions like video games.

Any tips/help/advice is welcome 🙂


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