Fruit flies/gnats.. help!

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Fruit flies/gnats.. help!

– I’m beyond frustrated and desperate at this point, that I’m about to just throw the whole house away. The last week or so maybe more completely out of nowhere my house has gnats/fruit flies ( I don’t know which) all over. They’re in the kitchen, bathroom, basement, my stair well.. everywhere.

I’ve done just about every thing I possibly can, vinegar/soap traps, wipe down everything with vinegar, wash dishes immediately, bleach down the drain, put my garbage can in the tub and deep cleaned that bitch. Someone suggested to put a piece of fruit in a cup and cover it with plastic wrap and poke holes. That worked, but too well it lead to a swarm of them fighting to get in. Threw that out. They seem to be most attracted to coffee, I make a pot coffee in the morning, a hunch appear flying around the area and some even make their way in to the pot.

I threw out anything I felt could be attracting them, deep cleaned my fridge. And keep finding them dead even in there.

I don’t know what else to else to do. I feel like they own the house at this point.

Is there any thing else at all I can do??

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