Fixing a Makita MAC100Q Air compressor

What is the Best Fixing a Makita MAC100Q Air compressor?

Here is the compression list for Fixing a Makita MAC100Q Air compressor:

Fixing a Makita MAC100Q Air compressor

– Hi Everyone,

I bought a Makita MAC100Q just under 2 years ago and used it maybe 20 hours since I got it. This weekend, I was using it with my trim nailer alongside my friend running a framing nailer from another compresser. We both plugged both our compressors on the same electrical outlet (something I now know is not recommended).

During the day, it stopped refilling itself. It will fill up once at the beginning, and then never refill again. Once the pressure goes above 50 psi, the motor starts slowing down.[Here’s a video of what happens](

Since I’m out of warranty I’m thinking of repairing it myself (I have electronics experience). Would anyone an idea about what might’ve broken on it? My gut feeling is the motor capacitor, but I’d like input from people who have more repair experience than me – especially before buying random parts online.

Thanks a mil!


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