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What is the Best Deep Cut Books?

Review of the Deep Cut Books:

Deep Cut Books

– Your favorite lesser known books from authors, or amazing books from authors that are not well known.

Treason by Orson Scott Card or A Planet Called Treason in its original printing. A super weird book, it starts out as fantasy then becomes sci Fi. I’ve read a ton of OSC books, including all of the extended ender universe, this remains my favorite.

Shade’s children by Garth Nix. This book predated hunger games and the post apocalyptic YA genre by many years. I would consider it the best in that genre still and my favorite Garth Nix book..

The Stars are Legion by Kameron Hurley. I sometimes feel like this book isn’t real and it’s just a fever dream that I had. I don’t know hardly anyone who’s read this book or heard of this author, but it’s a must read for space opera fans. Another super weird concept book that I still think about years after reading.

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