Daydream E-Reader

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Daydream E-Reader

– “Daydream” is a unique and innovative company, that uses real-life problems to create out-of-the-box solutions. The problem that “Daydream” noticed, was that students in schools and universities often do not have enough money to spend on textbooks, whether they are brand-new or second hand. The problem with second hand bis tooks is that they are often damaged or illegible, and most students prefer to learn using the actual textbook instead of digital copies.

“Daydream” therefore found a solution, by creating e-readers in the shaoe of an actual book. It uses Samsung OLED screens which are ultra thin and flexible, which allows them to imitate ‘the pages of a book’. Schools can also re-use these e-readers, as the screen used in this product can be bent and re-bent thousands of times without suffering any critical damage.

Besides being good for students, it is also good for the environment, as it saves the trees that provide paper for those textbooks and reduces paper waste. The aim of “Daydream” is to create eco-friendly, sustainable, innovative, user-friendly and useful products that are used for the well being of people.

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