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Controllable RPM tool

– Hello r/tools, I did read the sub rules, but please remove if not allowed.

I am not a very handy person, though I have a basic understanding and ability to use tools. I am getting involved with a project that is more arts and crafts than real use of tools, but I was hoping you all could help me out.

I am looking for some sort of tool that is a spinning surface of about 8-12” that can be set to specific speeds, ideally up to 200rpm, maybe more. Essentially what I want is a turntable that can go significantly faster than any record would ever go. It would be nice to be able to select the exact speed, but not necessary as long as the speed is reproducible (I.e. a speed setting of 5 that always spins at 160 rpm is fine). I do not need high weight capacity, under 10 lbs capacity should be fine.

My budget is preferably <$200, mostly because I would want to try something out without a major commitment in case it ends up not working out.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or if you think there is a better place to ask this question. Thanks in advance!

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