Brands for medium use

What is the Best Brands for medium use?

Here is the compression list for Brands for medium use:

Brands for medium use

– So I’m making a career pivot. I’m a jman electrician but I’ve started to do hvac work and taken off with mini splits. I have used Milwaukee in the past and have mostly m18 with a drill, impact, multi tool and hackzall + 4 batteries. I have had tools break down and the warranty be basically useless as I need to pay to send it out and be without that tool for 6-8 weeks before it’s returned which isn’t an option so I buy another tool.

I’ve noticed other hvac guys using ridgid tools and they tell me they just go to a home depot, give them their virtual toolbox code for the broken item and they take the broken item to send back to ridgid while also giving them back a new tool in which they register again of this lifetime warranty. Seems super good.

Anyone have any experience with this because I need to pick up a 1/2 impact driver for sockets, a sds hammer drill, bandsaw, a battery ac outlet converter and a small portable vacuum. Ridgid is like 30% cheaper and if I can just get new tools when they break down it seems rather good.

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