Books for my 12 yo son

What is the Best Books for my 12 yo son?

Review of the Books for my 12 yo son:

Books for my 12 yo son

– Hello everyone. My 12 yo son doesn’t really like to read. He never has. He has problems in school because of that (bad grades everytime reading/understanding texts is involved).

To try to help him in school (of course I help him study grammar, etc) I established that all the family would sit together and read at least 20 minutes every day. It’s going well so far, but since his reading interests are limited, I really need recommendations. So far, he’s been reading Garfield and Jujutsu Kaisen mangas. But I would like to introduce him to novels if possible.

Are there any novels that would be an easy, fast and interesting read for a 12 yo boy? For example, Harry Potter would be WAY too long for him. A graphic novel would be good to start with, I think? Parents, what are your kids into?


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