Book ban you agree with?

What is the Best Book ban you agree with??

Review of the Book ban you agree with?:

Book ban you agree with?

– As the title says lol. I recently picked up Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, not saying I believe the book should be banned, but the question came to mind.

With so many books banned recently due to “political” agenda I was wondering if there’s any books that some people feel strongly about that shouldn’t be read.

What’s a book ban that you agree with? Whether it’s a local banned book, some school district, or whatever it may be. If the question has been asked sorry! Just joined the page 🙂

Not saying I believe in book bans! Lol I believe the reader chooses to decide what they want to spend their time reading, just like when listening to music. I was just wondering for those that agree with a banned book or would like to see one that they believe should be.

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