Top 10 Best Brand Of Seasoning Salt In [2022]

1. Gourmet Fries Seasonings Bottle, Salt and Vinegar, 12 Ounce

  • ✅ ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS – You (and anyone you’re serving) will love the smooth Salt & Vinegar flavor from our gourmet fries seasoning powder. Sprinkle it on fresh fries for an unbeatable balanced taste 100% free of MSG.
  • ✅ CHEF’S MIX – Enjoy our convenient 12 oz table ready shaker or save big with our 2 pound (32 oz) restaurant size bag of premade seasoning mix. Use it as a standalone seasoning or add additional spices and secret ingredients to create your unique house blend.
  • ✅ KOSHER CERTIFIED – This seasoning mix is certified Kosher and is gluten free with zero MSG additives. The mouth watering Salt & Vinegar seasoning blend is low calorie, low sugar and contains zero fat. Enjoy it guilt free with your family or at your restaurant.
  • ✅ READY TO EAT – Add it directly to french fries, fried foods, poultry, beef, pork, fish, pasta, burgers, salads, nuts, popcorn and more! Create an incredible culinary experience with just a couple shakes of our ready to pour 12 oz shaker spice bottle.
  • Allergen Information: milk_free
  • Country String: United States of America

2. Lawry’s Seasoned Salt, 16 oz

  • Features natural spices, including paprika, turmeric, onion and garlic
  • Flavorful alternative to table salt
  • Enhances just about any dish
  • Great for beef, pork and poultry
  • Pairs well with popcorn, eggs and pasta

3. Gibsons Steakhouse Seasoning Salt

4. Livia’s Seasoning – A Perfect Blend of Kosher Salt, Black Pepper & Garlic. Delicious Spice & Rub for Cooking & Grilling Chicken, Steak, Fish, Burgers or Sprinkling on all Foods – 6.6oz (Single Jar)

  • PERFECT SPICE BALANCE: Livia’s Seasoning Salt is a perfectly balanced blend of three everyday spices — Kosher Salt, Coarse Black Pepper, and Garlic Salt. No onions, herbs, or hidden spices, just Salt, Pepper and Garlic (SPG)! No need to measure each spice out to get the perfect blend, just give a shake for the perfect result every time.
  • CREATE MOUTHWATERING MEAT: Enter the world of gourmet chefs! Livia’s seasoning is not too coarse and not too fine, ground to create the ideal spice to sprinkle or rub onto your favorite cut of meat. Surprise your guests with mouthwatering meat overflowing with flavor. Perfect for grilling, barbequing, roasting, and pan frying. Livia’s will transform the most ordinary steak, chicken, fish, or burger into scrumptious entrees that are sure to win you praise from even your toughest critics.
  • ENDLESS USES for the PERFECT BLEND: Livia’s not only transforms meat but is also a perfect all-purpose seasoning. Delicious on all foods where salt is traditionally used, Livia’s will take your tastebuds to another level. Bursting with flavor, try Livia’s on salads, vegetables, potatoes, rice, chili, pizza, sandwiches, watermelon, french fries, guacamole, dips and, of course, popcorn. The possibilities are endless.
  • ZERO CALORIES yet BURSTING with FLAVOR: Livia’s seasoning salt transforms bland floods into flavorful treats. Perfect for most diets, it will add flavor without calories to everything from green beans to egg whites.
  • FUN GIFT for FOODIES: Livia’s will surely become your favorite secret ingredient that elevates your cooking and wins admiration. Share it with those who are also looking to take their flavor up a notch. ALL NATURAL and HEALTHY: Livia’s is gluten-free, non-GMO, non-MSG, soy-free, and nut-free. It is also made right here in the USA!

5. Lawry’s Seasoned Salt, 40 oz

  • Salt blend features premium spices, including paprika, turmeric, onion and garlic
  • Lawry’s Seasoned Salt is a zesty, flavorful alternative to table salt
  • Convenient, versatile 40 oz bottle is perfect for enhancing the flavor of everyday meals
  • No MSG salt seasoning is great for beef, pork and poultry
  • Just a ¼ tsp perks up the flavor of popcorn, eggs and pasta

6. Johnny’s Seasoning Salt, No Msg, 42 Oz

  • A t

    asty blend of salt, herbs, spices and other flavors

  • Johnny’s delicious seasoning salt goes great on just about everything, from chicken to burgers, steaks and eggs, roasted vegetables, and more
  • A Pacific Northwest staple for over 50 years
  • Made with only high-quality ingredients
  • Free of MSG and gluten
  • Goes great on popcorn
  • Keto friendly
  • Complimentary to Paleo
  • One stop-shop item that will add a bold flavor to any meal

7. Mrs Dash Salt Free Taco Seasoning Mix (1.25 oz Packets) 4 Pack

  • salt free mix from Mrs. Dash
  • Easy to follow instructions included on packet

8. Johnny’s Seasoning Salt, 32 oz, Pack of 2

  • Johnny’s original seasoning salt, 2-pack.
  • A tasty blend of salt, herbs, spices and other flavors.
  • Johnny’s delicious seasoning salt goes great on just about everything, from chicken to burgers, steaks & eggs, roasted vegetables, and more.
  • This product comes from a Washington state – based company, which guarantees a clean journey from our shop to your table.
  • A Pacific Northwest staple for over 50 years.
  • Made with only high-quality ingredients.
  • Free of MSG & gluten

9. McCormick Salt & Pepper Grinder Variety Pack (Himalayan Pink Salt, Sea Salt, Black Peppercorn, Peppercorn Medley), 0.05 lb

  • Add flavor into burgers, seafood and more, with a simple twist of the grinder
  • Black Pepper, Sea Salt, Peppercorn Medley and Himalayan Pink Salt Grinders
  • Keep the salt and pepper grinder set on your table top for everyday seasoning
  • Just twist to choose your grind settings to go from fine to coarse.
  • Salt and pepper shakers make a great housewarming gift for everyone

10. McCormick Himalayan Pink Salt with Black Pepper and Garlic All Purpose Seasoning, 18.5 oz

  • Convenient shake-on-anything blend of garlicky, citrusy and sweet flavors
  • Gluten Free, Certified Paleo and Non GMO
  • Sprinkle on beef, chicken, pork or seafood before grilling or roasting
  • Larger size for refilling
  • Great on avocado toast, wraps, stir-fries, grain bowls and meat(less) dishes

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