Approximate date of these NOS Channellock Lineman’s pliers?

What is the Best Approximate date of these NOS Channellock Lineman’s pliers??

Here is the compression list for Approximate date of these NOS Channellock Lineman’s pliers?:

Approximate date of these NOS Channellock Lineman’s pliers?

– TLDR: any idea when these were made? The graphic on the packaging and the machine-stamped logo make me think early 90s.

Drove past a small electrical supply store and I noticed a “LIQUIDATION” sign so I walked in to see if there were any deals. Not much left on the shelves but I noticed these vintage looking channellock lineman pliers behind the counter and asked the guy how much they were

He slides them across the counter and says “take ‘em .. they’ve been hanging here ever since I started working here”

Anyways, got them home and oiled them up and tried them out. The cutting blades don’t cut cleanly, I don’t know if they’re misaligned or need to be worn in but right now they only consistently cut stranded wire in the middle portion. The pliers move pretty good, the rivet joint seems well made but the two pieces of the pliers surrounding the rivet joint rub against each other a bit. I figure that’ll wear in. I’ve heard older channellock lineman’s didn’t have the greatest reputation so it might just be poor manufacturing/QA. The off-centered ‘369’ stamp kinda points to that

Big improvement over Klein – the fixed part of the rivet is on the blade side of the pliers, so you can safely use that side (which has more surface area with which to make contact) as a hammer. On the Kleins, that side has the articulating rivet joint so any little nicks or dings can mess with the smooth action.

I like the look, a little sleeker and more refined than Klein. Don’t think I’ll be taking them to work or cutting anything besides copper or aluminum with them, but they’ll be perfect for light stuff at home. Thanks for reading

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