Accompaniment for heavier books

What is the Best Accompaniment for heavier books?

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Accompaniment for heavier books

– I’ve been reading more literature with a capital ‘L’ lately. Recently, I’ve read Grapes of Wrath, Infinite Jest (some, I love/hated it and tapped out around p500), 100 Years of Solitude, Perfume, and just finished Blood Meridian. While reading these books, I sometimes wanted a breakdown of certain passages or to know more about other works they were alluding to. I refrained until I finished because I didn’t want spoilers or interpretations that would alter my own reading.
Now I’m thinking about tackling Moby Dick, as I really enjoy Mccarthy (I’ve also read The Road) and I know that’s a huge influence of his. It would be nice to have it under my belt when I continue with his works.
I think with a book like this, I don’t necessarily want to go all the way and then tie all the literary influences and framework together in the rearview mirror. I haven’t real much stuff like the Iliad, Paradise Lost, etc that are sort of foundational in the western canon. Shit, I haven’t read much of the Bible for that matter.

What do? Tough luck? I’m jealous of the folks that are seeing all the layers on their first reads.

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