A book I cannot remember the title of

What is the Best A book I cannot remember the title of?

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A book I cannot remember the title of

– So there’s this book that I can’t remember the title of and it’s a really good book series. I read through it pretty fast in 8th and 9th grade but they disappeared from my kindle and I don’t have my kindle anymore. I remember that the cover was dark and had a circle type thing with little jewels I think but below was silhouettes. The first book had a girl silhouette and as there is multiple books there are multiple people added but just as silhouettes. One of the descriptions is like people should read it if you like Harry Potter. This series has a woman protagonist and she has magic but it’s in the real world. I think she’s in her twenties. I remember one part she was like in a casino and she meets this one guy and the guy introduced magic to her. The guy is like her love interest and it might’ve been enemies to lovers. Sometimes the author writes in his perspective as well. They might have a magic connection to each other, I’m not sure. It wasn’t like a basic academy type thing but she does learn magic at a place. I also remember she stole an old book bc I think she was trying to find out more about her parents. Or something about dark magic idk. This book is more adult and doesn’t have that kiddish style where the cover has some glowing woman in front. But it’s not a difficult read. Hopefully maybe you guys might’ve read it.

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