Top 10 Best Haas Brushes Based On Customer Ratings

1. H.A.A.S Horsehair Brush HAAS PaRCOUR Strong Brown Size200 x 85 cm

  • Gr. 7.87 inch x 3.35 inch
  • made in Germany
  • with grey and black horsehair
  • Brush body of special plastic (robustl, washably, better hygiene, long life span, good bristle hold)
  • Tape from leather

2. Haas Manufaktur Haas Best Fellglanzburstse Finishing Brush, Blue

3. H.A.S Haas – Finishing Brush

  • Description Coming Soon
  • Great Value for Money
  • Made in England

4. ONMOG Haas – Lambskin Brush Diva

5. Haas Best Diva Mattes Finishing Brush, Blue

6. Haas Manufaktur Haas Brenig Madoc Combination Medium Brush, Pink

7. Haas Mustang Body Brush (One Size) (Black/Brown)

  • Special synthetic bristles and special fine brass wire define this brush, This unique bristle combination developed by HAAS makes this brush ideal for cleaning thick or shedding coats.
  • 7.8 x 3.3in.

8. Haas 4025589206304 Cavaliere for women made of horsehair with longer bristle edge and leather hand strap, size 200 x 85 mm, the brush back is black.

  • With horsehair and longer bristle wreath
  • Brush body made of special plastic (particularly stable, washable for better hygiene, long service life, better hold of the bristles)
  • Black lacquered body and leather strap

9. H.A.S HAAS Mould Horse Brush Large Silver 200 x 85,Medium

  • Size fits for the ladies hand 7.87 inch x 3.35 inch
  • made in Germany
  • with Coconut bristles
  • Brush body from specially selected plastics (particularly stable, washable by better hygiene, durability, better grip the bristles)
  • with leather wrist strap

10. Haas Manufaktur Schimmel Coconut Fiber Stiff Brush

  • Stiff brush
  • Made with desnse, long coconut fiber bristles
  • 100% Washable

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